The history

 Pyrgos Restaurant’s Commitment

The history of Pyrgos Restaurant dates back to the 80’s, when Artemis Denaxas decided to open this tavern in the village of Pyrgos. The love for his island and the village of Pyrgos in particular, along with his passion for the island’s unique products and traditional recipes led him to create a restaurant that would showcase Santorini in dishes bursting with flavour. But he took it a step further and created the first fully organized event venue on the island. The years passed and Artemis’ son, Nikos took over the restaurant’s administration, adding more halls, upgrading and modernizing the facilities and services so as the Pyrgos Restaurant to be established as Santorini’s best wedding and event venue, alongside being a restaurant that offers to its visitors a great gastronomic experience.

The people of Pyrgos Restaurant believe in the primary principals that made the establishment one of the most successful restaurants in Santorini; making every guest feel at home, bringing out the authenticity of Santorini’s products, serving deliciously cooked food that takes you on a gastronomic trip across the Mediterranean and creating memorable events and weddings. Our commitment is all that plus the promise that we will be constantly updating our services, keeping the authenticity of the tastes and the spirit of Santorinian hospitality as our top priorities! Our mission to take you on a gastronomic journey from Santorini to the Mediterranean and create a memorable event is a constant aim in our hearts together with our efforts to keep Pyrgos Restaurant as what it truly is; a cradle of tastes, memories and hospitality!